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Know your customer

General data

Legal Representative data

Major shareholders holding 5% or more

Those who subscribe below, declare that they are the actual beneficiaries or owners of the Client, in the proportions indicated below:

Board of Directors and / or Board of Directors

Affiliated companies / subsidiaries and related companies

Declaration of directors, dignitaries, agents and final beneficiaries

Investor Profile

Investor profile

The purpose of this questionnaire is to inform VERTEX investment objectives of the Client. In no event shall Customer VERTEX provide advice regarding their investments.

Analysis of the equity change over the last two years


Communications and Correspondence

DOP designation Bank Account

USD designation Bank Account

Designation of Securities Custody Account

The customer authorizes VERTEX for fertilizers and cash debits and credits and debits the securities, resulting from trading and credit to the identified accounts.

Identification of the true beneficiary or final beneficiary

Payment to third parties

Declaration of direct and indirect beneficiaries and related

Customer acknowledges that margin loans under Chapter VI of the Contract involves, among others, the following risks: (1) Customer may incur higher than the value of the assets in the account losses. (2) VERTEX can apply automatic compensation (by event or unilateral decision margin of society) customer debts against assets. (3) VERTEX or the National Securities Commission may at any time modify margin rates and the rate of servicing the account. (4) After compensation, vary the composition of client assets. Customer further acknowledges that securities loans made to the Company in accordance with Chapter IV of the Contract involve taking credit risk of the Company, in addition to price risks, liquidity and credit of the security object of the operation.


Affidavit of Origin and Destination Lawful Fund and PEPS

By hereby declare (declare) under oath that money, capital, assets or securities used in business conducted with VERTEX, unrelated to product activities of the crime of money laundering, and therefore not keep any links with illegal activities, nor emanate from any offense under any current criminal law. By this declaration also it is authorizing VERTEX to verify the data provided and contained in this form.

The Customer declares that it is not Politically Exposed Person or is a person related to a Politically Exposed Person. Politically Exposed Person includes, among others, a person who holds or has held prominent public functions inside or outside the country, such as heads of state or government, senior politicians, government officials, judicial or military officials senior executives high-level State-owned corporations, important political party officials.

Signature card

(The) signer (s) (the "Customer") declares to have read, understood and expressly agree to the Terms and Conditions of Employment of Vertex, as well as other contracts contained in the document "Brokerage Account Securities" indicated in this form, which was approved as general conditions of contract VERTEX (the "Agreement"). The client also confirms its intention to submit the contracts and transactions entered into with Vertex to institutional arbitration in accordance with the provisions of the Contract.

I hereby formally authorize Vertex Valores, Puesto de Bolsa, SA to access my credit information through the credit information centers and to provide them with the necessary equity and off-balance sheet information for credit assessment purposes. Part of other institutions subscribing to said information centers, in accordance with Law No. 172-13, dated December 13, 2013, which aims at the comprehensive protection of personal data set up in archives, public records, Data, or other technical means of processing data for reporting, whether public or private; Acknowledging and guaranteeing that the disclosure of such information by Vertex Valores, Puesto de Bolsa, SA and / or credit information centers and / or their respective employees, officers, and shareholders shall not imply a breach of professional secrecy for the purposes Of article 377 of the Criminal Code, or violation of banking secrecy for the purposes of the Monetary and Financial Law.

The client appends the following collections and provides a true copy of the same to VERTEX

Bank or commercial references

Other collections submitted

Signature of sales executive, legal representative and vertex compliance officer


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